Beta Envirocare has a State-of-the-Art laboratory for testing Water, Wastewater, Air and Stack samples both for physio-chemical and microbiological parameters as per PCB norms and IS standards and this lab is maintained as a separate entity .We have a State-of-the-Art facility for monitoring of stack emissions, ambient air quality monitoring.

Our facility is certified under ISO 9001:2008 and has achieved NABL Accreditation in Food & Water testing along with MoEF Certification. The laboratory handles and supports all in-house requirements; specific clients needs and also offers Pilot Plant Studies.

Our Facility offers:

Beta Envirocare is dedicated in providing solutions using the latest cutting edge technology in the field of water, wastewater treatment & Air Pollution control measures to our customers enabling them to meet the environmental legislation and their business policies & goals.             

Our Objectives:                        

  • Testing of bore water/raw water/sea water/effluent water/sewage water for physical, chemical, heavy metal analysis, pesticide residues analysis and microbiology testing as per customer requirements
  • Stack gases monitoring, ambient air quality monitoring
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Hydrocarbon (HC) analysis by using GC in stack emissions /ambient air
  • Water audits, Membrane regeneration programs
  • Used oil / waste oil analysis as per CPCB/TNPCB norms
  • Agricultural products, animal feeds, feeding stuff analysis

Specific Testing Facilities:

  • Testing of water as per drinking water specification IS:10500
  • Testing of water as per IS:456 specifications for suitability water for construction purpose
  • Testing of water as per swimming pool water specification IS:3328
  • Testing of water as per processed food industry specification IS:4251
  • Testing of water for textile industry as per IS:201 specification
  • Testing of water for industrial purpose as per IS:3550
  • Testing of water for irrigation purpose IS:11624 specification
  • Testing of waste water/effluent water/sewage water as per TNPCB/CPCB norms for all parameters
  • Testing of hazardous waste/solid waste/municipal solid waste as per TNPCB/CPCB norms
  • Monitoring of stack, ambient as per statutory and regulatory norms
  • Training’s for laboratory chemists to support the industry



  • Incubator