ISI License

ISI is an acronym for Indian Standards Institute, the National Standards body renamed Bureau of Indian Standards in 1987. The ISI Mark is the official mark given to producers by the Bureau of Indian Standards for diverse items. This ISI Mark has been considered a symbol of quality, safety, and trust since 1955. The ISI mark has been used as conformity marking for industrial products. It assures that the product complies with the Indian standards (IS) developed by India’s national standard organization, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

ISI Mark Registration is obtaining the ISI mark for any product that complies with Indian Standards. Various electrical appliances require mandatory ISI marks, such as Electric Iron, Room Heaters, Room AC, Electric Stoves, Freezers, Electric cables, and other products like UPVC Pipes, Rubber & Leather Footwears, Composite Cements, various acids, etc.