Custom Designed DM Plants

To meet specific customer requirements  Beta Envirocare offers de-mineralisers incorporating Weak Acid Cation and Weak Base Anion to handle water containing high amounts of alkalinity, chlorides and sulfates.

All DM units are available as a manual, semi-auto or full auto options with PLC based control systems. Automatic systems can be easily upgraded to be linked to client DCS if required.

Mixed Bed Demineralisers

Mixed Bed de-mineralisers are used downstream of the DM unit, to achieve high purity levels in the treated water. Mixed bed units comprise of a single vessel with a mixture of cation and anion resins. The mixed bed units are offered with complete service and regeneration piping, self supporting skid foundation and chemical tanks for regeneration.

Beta Envirocare offers a range of packaged demineraliser units and custom built demineraliser to meet individual customer requirements. Packaged De-Mineralisers comprise of two pressure vessels in MS / FRP filled with Strong Acid Cation and Strong Base Anion resin respectively. All packaged plants are skid mounted, completely assembled including necessary piping valves, and chemical tanks for regeneration.


Beta Envirocare offers a full range of degassers to suit the packaged and custom built demineraliser. Degassers when installed downstream of the cation unit removes the carbon dioxide thereby reducing the load on the downstream unit. This results in cost savings by way of reduced chemical consumption. Standard units comprise of a Tower in mild steel rubber lined / FRP construction along with a blower and transfer pump in stainless steel construction.